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Tinambacan Professionals Credit Cooperative
Tagapul-an Credit Cooperative (TACC)
Sustainable Community Advocacy Cooperative (SusCom AdvoCoop)
Spiritual Divine Barangay Business Service Cooperative
SNS Credit Cooperative (SNSCC)
Sitio Lana Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative
Serum Livelihood Workers Multi-purpose Cooperative
San Isidro Marketing Cooperative
San Antonio Multi- purpose Cooperative
San Andres Finest Motorcab Operators and Drivers Credit Cooperative
San Andres Farmers Marketing Cooperative
Samar Seed-Growers Producers Cooperative
Samar SCFO Multi-purpose Cooperative (SSCFOMPC)
Samar Multi-purpose Cooperative (SAMICO)
Samar Multi-purpose Cooperative
Samar Doctors Multi-purpose Cooperative
Samar DepEd Teachers and Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative (DEPED SDTEMPC)
Samar DECS Personnel Credit Cooperative (SAMDEPECCO)
Samar Alliance for Good-Governance and Network for Affluence (SAGANA) Consumer Cooperative