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Zscion Savings and Credit Cooperative
Zone III Western Bicutan Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Zamora Edsa Tricycle Cooperative (ZETCOOP)
Young Entrepreneurs In Solidarity Economy Marketing Cooperatives (YESE MC)
YKL Color Employees Credit Cooperative
YES! Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Yearnings Outsourcing Cooperative
Yakult Employees Credit Cooperative
Yakap Pinoy Consumer Cooperative
Yahad Consumer and Credit Cooperative
Xavier Credit Cooperative
Wyeth Philippines Employees Development Cooperative
WVDF Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Worldwide Service Provider Cooperative
World Kitchen Service Cooperative
Worktrends Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Works Asia Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Worklife Labor Service Cooperative
Workforce Solutions Labor Service Cooperative
Workforce Pilipinas Tourism Service Cooperative