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Giporlos Credit Cooperative
Gen. MacArthur Employees & Residents Multi-purpose Cooperative (GEMERCO)
Felipe Abrigo Memorial Hospital Employees Credit Cooperative (FAMHECCO)
FANMCAT Teachers and Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative
Iraya Farms Rice Producers' Cooperative
Guiuan Savers and Entrepreneurs Multipurpose Cooperative (GSECC)
Guiuan Municipal Employees Multipurpose Cooperative (GME-MPC)
Guiuan Amusement, Recreational & Sporting Services Multi-purpose Cooperative (GARSSEMCO)
ESSU Research and Extension Multipurpose Cooperative (ESSU-REMCO)
Eastern Samar Seed Growers Multipurpose Cooperative (ESSG-MPC)
Eastern Samar National Comprehensive High School Multipurpose Cooperative (ESNCHS MPC)
Eastern Samar Diagnostic Service Cooperative
Dolores Recreational Service Cooperative
Dolores National High School Multi-purpose Cooperative
Dolores LGU Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative
Dolores Agricultural Services Multi-purpose Cooperative
Cantomoja Small Scale Mining Producers Cooperative
Can-avid Municipal Officials and Employees Multipurpose Cooperative (CAMOFE MPC)
Camagting Agricultural Multi-purpose Cooperative (CAMPUCO)
Camada South Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-purpose Cooperative