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Pahamutang Free Farmers Cooperative
Pag-asa Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PAFAMUPCO)
Packing Plant Workers Cooperative (PPWC)
Ogao Free Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (OFFAMCO)
Nueva Visayas Labor Service Cooperative
North Skilled Workers Cooperative (NSWC)
NL Credit Cooperative
Ngan-Panansalan-Pagsabangan Forest Resource Development Cooperative (NPPFRDC)
New Visayas Farmers Credit Cooperative
New Manay Farmers Consumer Cooperative (NEW MANAY COOP)
New Leyte New Albay Farmers Cooperative
New Cebulan Multi Purpose Cooperative
New Calape Multi-Purpose Cooperative
New Bethlehem Farmers Cooperative (NBFC)
New Bataan Women Multi-Purpose Cooperative (NEBAWOMPCO)
New Bataan Water Services Cooperative (NEBAWASCO)
New Bataan Teachers Multi-Purpose Cooperative
New Bataan MHO Credit Cooperative (MHO-COOPERATIVE)
New Bataan Integrated Food Enterprise Cooperative (NIFECO)